Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Jessica!

Jessica Clark


I graduated from Missouri State University with a degree in Piano Performance. I was a piano and violin instructor for nine years and now I€™m pursuing my Master of Public Health in Community Health Promotion at the University of Minnesota.


I am the front desk/office coordinator volunteer two days a week. I am new to the field of public health and this position is helping me understand how a local and global community health nonprofit operates. I assist with various administration tasks like answering the phone and messages, greeting visitors, distributing the mail, ordering supplies, as well as preparing and organizing materials and documents.


WellShare International HQ, Minneapolis, MN


I am a cheese monger and coffee connoisseur in the specialty department at Whole Foods Market.


I volunteer with WellShare because it is a community health nonprofit whose mission aligns perfectly with what I aim to do in the field of public health. I wanted to join an organization that promotes health and wellness through education and the community health worker model. The work WellShare does to help immigrants and refugees navigate the complex healthcare systems in America, and to bring healthcare and education to underserved communities abroad is remarkable. I am proud to join this organization as it endeavors to reduce health disparities and advance sustainable community health around the world.


My favorite part of working at WellShare is the amazing staff! Everyone that I have met so far has been so helpful and passionate about being part of WellShare€™s mission.


€œWellShare started its work in 1979 and has been able to adapt to the unique health needs of today€™s societies and cultures. The history of this organization is impressive, and I am inspired by the success of its programs!€

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