Love and Logic: Meet Erin!

Today, we want to celebrate the launch of a brand-new class offering from WellShare, spearheaded with the passion and ingenuity of WellShare Mankato Program Coordinator, Erin Miller.

Erin brings her love of working with families and children to WellShare and naturally found a way to integrate her professional experience in child advocacy and crisis response with her current portfolio.

“As I became proficient in my role with WellShare, it naturally blossomed into finding a way to serve the needs of my community that aligned with my passions and skills.”

Erin was able to get certified in Love and Logic, a parent education curriculum that she knows resonates with her community. Founded in 1977, Love and Logic is a research-driven, whole-child philosophy that provides practical tools to help parents achieve healthy and strong relationships with their children.

For the past 6 months, Erin has leveraged her long-standing relationships with community partner organizations and worked on cost models that allow WellShare to bill participant’s insurance at no cost to the participant.

In February of 2024, Erin launched WellShare’s first Love and Logic class, which meets weekly. 32 participants are currently enrolled and there is already a demand for additional programming.

“This program and curriculum are easily scalable and can be applied to additional cultural communities and geographies served by WellShare.” 

Erin encourages parents to bring their children so they can practice curriculum tools in real time within a supportive environment. Each class is an hour and a half long, with a 30 mealtime for participants to connect and model positive parenting interactions.

“When children make mistakes, we can give them autonomy to learn from their mistakes while gently guiding them. The Love and Logic model allows children to make safe mistakes that will enable them to learn and grow.”

This is the first class offered by Wellshare to disadvantaged, American born and English-speaking clients. We plan to expand the Love and Logic program to additional communities in 2024-2025.

Your support matters! Donate today to support the growth of this program.

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