Flora’s story

Flora grew up in a rural village in Tanzania. At sixteen, she became pregnant. The child’s father fled the village.

Flora discovered WellShare International’s Survive and Thrive groups, a sanctuary for future and current single mothers. Since there are no doctors, nurses, clinics or hospitals nearby, WellShare fills the void. The local staff provide training for Community Health Workers (CHWs) on how women need to care for themselves prenatally. And, in a country with a maternal mortality amongst the worst in the world, they teach skills for safer delivery.

Women like Flora learn ways to protect their own health, including the use of birth control and child spacing, and the health of their children with topics ranging from immunizations to nutrition.

Flora was also able to participate in an innovative micro-savings group sponsored by WellShare. This provided the resources for Flora to open her own sewing business.

Flora is now the proud mother of a thriving four-year-old girl, and a business. She continues to save so that her beautiful daughter Gladness will have the opportunity to attend school and have a very different future.

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