WellShare made the news!

WellShare’s Karen Tobacco-Free Program was recently featured in MinnPost, an online news magazine in Minnesota. The Karen Tobacco-Free Program, a partnership between KOM (Karen Organization of Minnesota) and WellShare International, aims to educate the Karen community on the harms of tobacco, and how to eliminate the use of tobacco in indoor and outdoor settings.

Tha Dah Loo – CHW at WellShare                         Photo by Ibrahim Hirsi, MinnPost


The article discusses the reasons why many of the Karen in their native Burma get addicted at a young age to tobacco products and the difficulties they face coming to the US, experiencing different tobacco laws.  It also shows how the program has helped many Karen community members quit the use of tobacco here in Minnesota. Read the article here or learn more about the Karen Tobacco-Free Program.

Source: https://www.minnpost.com/

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