Wellshare and the Karen Organization of Minnesota by Sadia Ahmed

Wellshare and the Karen Organization of Minnesota (KOM) first started our partnership in 2013. Although our work has evolved over the years, our main initiatives have focused on providing preventive health education and resources. Through our Family Planning Special Projects grant, our primary curriculum includes youth and adult family planning education (we created curriculums that we use), postpartum home visiting and family planning education (in partnership with M Health Fairview Roselawn Clinic), and community outreach events with print resources, just to name a few. 


  • Since 2019, we have had the opportunity to reach 35 mothers through our Postpartum Family Planning program.
  • 28 Karen High School students received at least one hour of age appropriate lessons around reproductive health and improving their understanding of healthy relationships.
  • More than 30 adult English language learners were taught about human reproduction, family planning methods, and how to access the American medical system.
  • Tabling at three community events in 2019, we shared Karen family planning resources with over 50 participants. 
  • Partnered with local artist Ku Paw to create a brochure about Karen fatherhood and values 

One of our postpartum clients shared her experience during our recent fundraising event. To hear her story, click here.” 

This year, during the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have had to make changes to how we usually communicate with community members and patients from in person to online, virtual visits. Luckily, we’ve been able to continue our health education and share important resources and maintain our partnership with the community through the flexibility of our Family Planning Special Projects grant (FPSP). This grant allows us to provide pre-pregnancy family planning services to low-income, high-risk individuals. 

Our goals for post COVID-19 will continue to be educating our community members through the various forms of communication we use. The pandemic has shown that online, virtual visits can be just as effective as in-person visits for patients depending on their situation. We also look forward to reconnecting with the community at community events and providing tailored education to all subsets of the Karen community, including youth! 

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