Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Linda!

Linda Todd


B.A., University of Iowa, English and Secondary Education; MPH, University of Minnesota, Program in Health Education


I provide support as a part-time Front Desk and Office Coordinator. I support staff work by performing various clerical duties, reading grants, contracts, and educational materials used in the field, and interacting with most of the staff.


WellShare International HQ, Minneapolis, MN


I spent my career working in maternal-child health care throughout the Twin Cities and in the Bay Area of California. I have a passion for mothers, babies and new families and continue to be an advocate for evidence-based, quality, accessible and affordable care for all families. I have written three books and collaborated on two others. Interesting fact: People tell me that I connect well with animals.


Retirement has the benefits of allowing lots of time to travel, to enjoy adult children and grandchildren, to work in my community, and to build new friendships, but I missed being part of a team committed specifically to health care. WellShare€™s mission, both domestically and internationally, is an ideal fit for my belief that health care is a human right, and we still have lots of work to do to assure it is available to all. Best of all, I have an opportunity to continue to learn.


I enjoy conversations with staff and attending meetings when WellShare staff describe their programs, their challenges and specific ways they are working to make health care work for the communities they are serving.


In a wellness model of care, home is where the action is! Community health worker services are exemplary of what can happen when provider and patient are on equal footing both looking for best ways to meet a health care need.

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