Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Hira!

Hira Bujari


I studied chemistry at Pristina University in Kosovo. I€™m a Six Sigma Black Belt with 6 years of experience in project planning, financial cost estimating and forecasting.


Since October 2017, I have been volunteering at WellShare International supporting database cleaning/development for international projects. As part of this work, I reviewed entries from the field, created summary reports, corrected records, analyzed data and recommended a database to use.


WellShare International HQ, Minneapolis, MN



Since childhood, I€™ve been passionate about the universe. I never get bored watching the stars and the moon.


I€™ve always wanted to join a nonprofit that provides help and education to those in greatest need. While I was researching possible places to volunteer, I found WellShare, and it was exactly what I was looking for. I€™m very happy to be part of this organization, as it approaches its work with great accountability.


I enjoyed attending the staff meetings that helped me learn about the programs of the organization in greater detail. I loved working with the International Program Director, Laura Sanka, who introduced me to the nonprofit world. I also enjoyed learning from C.C. Strom on the fundraising processes. I really appreciated the Executive Director, Diana DuBois for taking the time to answer all my questions with honesty and transparency about the organization.


I am impressed with the great work that is being done with a small team!

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