Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Annie!

Annie Hotop


I‘ve spent the last 12 years working in public health research at the University of Minnesota, and have recently taken a new job within the U with the Driven to Discover State Fair research initiative. I’m passionate about public health and education and this job is the perfect combination of the two! I’m currently working on my Master of Public Health, Global Health (MPH) degree at St. Catherine University and just love being back in school again.


During my summer here at WellShare, I’ve been developing educational materials for the community health workers (CHWs) to use with their diabetic clients. I’ve also spent a little time compiling pregnancy resources for CHW training and development.



WellShare International HQ, Minneapolis, MN


I enjoy working in my garden and canning every harvest season. I love sitting on my patio with a book and a glass of wine, snuggling with my cat Roo, traveling and discussing politics.


WellShare was a great opportunity to complete my practicum hours for school. I’ve worked in settings where I have served the immigrant and refugee communities before, but in different ways. Learning about WellShare’s process for designing health education materials has taught me about the importance of incorporating the most up-to-date health research information with culture, and fusing these together to develop meaningful resources for communities to improve health.


The people, for sure. Great lunchtime conversations!


“WellShare’s staff and Guiding Principles are the essence of public health – at its finest!”

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