Data and Evaluation VISTA

Title: 22-23 WellShare International 

Sponsoring Organization: Minnesota Campus Compact 

Project Name: Iowa and Minnesota Campus Compact VISTA Project Project Number: 21VSEMN002 

Project Period: 6/15/2022 – 06/15/2023

Site Name: WellShare International 

Focus Area(s) 

Primary: Healthy Futures 

Goal of the Overall VISTA Project: The goal of this VISTA project is to increase the ability of refugees and other immigrants, some of our most marginalized community members, to overcome barriers to healthy living. The VISTA will lead a participatory approach to the creation of new cross-cutting systems and tools to increase WellShare’s organizational capacity in program monitoring and evaluation, community partnership development and service outreach. 

Objective of the Assignment 

Create tools and systems to collect, analyze and disseminate program results to increase WellShare’s program monitoring and evaluation capacity. 

Further develop WellShare’s tools for financial and cost efficiency analysis. Draw on these tools and analysis to implement strategies which increase program efficiency and allow WellShare to attain higher program reach and impact per unit of funding. 

Expand and refine tools and systems to collect quantitative (e.g. program reach) and qualitative data (e.g. success stories from clients served by WellShare). VISTA will maintain and improve the WellShare data dashboard (DASH) for tracking the reach and impact of WellShare programs. 

Analyze quantitative and qualitative data to identify successful program activities as well as gaps in programmatic efforts and create reports to share results with WellShare program staff. This includes developing new DASH templates to summarize data. 

Identify new opportunities to increase streamlining of sharing qualitative and quantitative data with WellShare beneficiaries and improve cross referral between our many programs. This can be done by creating appropriate procedures and tools, and by training program staff on how to use these resources.

Develop strategies and partnerships (e.g. with local clinics, schools, etc.) that lead to growth in WellShare’s referral volumes and a sustained increase in its client base, allowing for organizational reach and impact expansion.

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