Helping the Fight to Prevent COVID-19: Sungwa’s Story

Sungwa was an 18-year-old single mother in Nkololo, Tanzania. She was forced to drop out of school and was struggling to support herself and her young child selling vegetables in the market.

One day she heard from a friend about a new WellShare project to help young single mothers learn about how to make a living, while also getting health information for themselves and their children. At the WellShare office she found out that if she made a commitment to come on several days for various steps of the project, she and a few others could learn to make soap and sell it in her own and other villages. Their hard work making soap paid off.

Sungwa helped set up a table at the large International Women’s Day celebration to sell their products. When the WellShare vehicle went out to the villages, she went along to sell the soap. Now with the COVID-19 disease her soap is in high demand. Her work is important now more than ever; an opinion piece in the NY Times stated, “We instruct people to protect themselves from the coronavirus by washing their hands with soap and water, but more people worldwide have a cellphone (5 billion) than have the ability to wash their hands at home (4.8 billion). Almost 4 out of 10 people worldwide, a total of 3 billion people, don’t have hand-washing options at home, according to U.N. estimates.” Sungwa is playing her part in amending this situation. She said, “I am so glad I can make a contribution at this difficult time to help people stay healthy. I’m also making money to support us and have learned so much from WellShare about how we can stay healthy.”



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