National Public Health Week 2018

April 2-8 was National Public Health Week, an initiative of the American Public Health Association (APHA). For over 20 years, APHA has organized this event by creating different campaigns each year to educate the public, policy makers and practitioners about public health issues. WellShare International celebrated National Public Health Week 2018 by discussing this year’s themes:


Day 1: Behavioural Health – Learn how WellShare International works towards helping to reduce stress.

Day 2: Communicable Diseases – Learn about ways to prevent disease transmission and about our work around communicable diseases in Tanzania.

Day 3: Environmental Health – Climate Change is a public health issue. Learn how to protect and maintain a healthy planet.

Day 4: Injury and Violence Prevention – Learn about WellShare’s work to help prevent falls in the elderly population.

Day 5: Ensuring the Right to Health – Learn about WellShare’s commitment to end health disparities and how we advocate for everyone’s right to a healthy life.

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