Mental health campaign-a NEW way to invest in community


Leveraging our expertise in public health outreach and culturally competent care, WellShare is providing immediate community-based mental health interventionto address trauma recovery, substance abuse and the increasing frequency and severity of mental health distress.

We have been able to accomplish so much through yourpartnership and we are excited to invite you to continue your life saving supportresponding to the urgent needs of the people we serve.We will be hosting a series of mental healthcampaigns to replace our annual Bridge to Health event. These campaigns serve the dual purpose of engaging our community through approachable, destigmatizing information related to mental health and provide an avenue for you to provide financial support and have a direct impact on our programming needs.

It is not too early to contribute to our efforts! Show your support today.

Mental health is something that impacts us all. If you would like to share your personal journey of mental health and healing in this series, please reach out to our Development and Communications Manager, Jessica Leisz.

Health is a journey best walked together. Thank you for being part of the WellShare family.

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