Meet Mailee – Program Coordinator at WellShare International

Mailee (pictured below at Niagara Falls) is a Program Coordinator here at WellShare. She moved to Minnesota from Kentucky in 1979 and grew up in the East Side neighborhood of St. Paul. Mailee loves to travel, to explore new places and to eat good food. “I do things spontaneously,” she said. “I don’t plan much; this way it does not get boring.”

Her work never gets boring either. Mailee mainly works on the Eliminating Health Disparities Program (EHDI), which aims to reduce the risk factors for diabetes, heart disease, and stroke by promoting increased physical activity and healthy eating. For EHDI, Mailee is currently teaching Tai Ji Quan – a research-based balance training regimen designed for older adults and people with balance disorders. She also works with healthcare clinics and community members in Minnesota and helps them to connect with different services and resources that the clinics and community service organizations offer. “Each member is unique in their needs, which makes this program so special but also challenging at times,” Mailee said. Mailee also helps to coordinate the Minnesota Community Health Worker Peer Network and organizes the trainings and workshops that WellShare offers for Community Health Workers and public health professionals.

Mailee started working for WellShare because she saw what “an amazing job WellShare does in helping people in the community.” When talking about her work, Mailee said that she loves the support and respect that she receives from her colleagues and how there is never a day when she does not like her job. “With all the many wonderful programs here, it is always nice to hear the stories of people whose lives have been positively touched by WellShare’s work.”

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