Volunteer Spotlight: Meet Jared!

Jared Johnson


I choose to volunteer with WellShare because of their mission to help refugees and underserved communities receive the health care and education that every human being should have access to. After getting to know everyone around the office, it was clear that this is an amazing group of people that are passionate about helping others. I’m especially impressed with their anti-tobacco programs. WellShare’s ability to bridge communication and cultural gaps to educate others about the destructive nature of smoking, chewing, etc., is one of the reasons I’m proud to be associated with WellShare.


I have been working with a software platform called Salesforce which is used by a lot of nonprofits to manage their extensive contacts. I’ve been part of the Salesforce “ecosystem” for almost one year now and love being involved with such a great group of folks. I earned three Salesforce administrator specific certifications in 2017 and hope to add two developer certifications this year.


I’ve had a lot of fun working to help WellShare with all the best admin jobs… streamlining accounts and contacts, creating reports and dashboards, solving workflow and process issues, transitioning the organization to a higher level database and helping with user training. I’m currently working on developing a solution to solve a donor acknowledgment need, beyond the out-of-the-box functionality that Salesforce offers.


Born and raised in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota. Currently residing in friendly Fridley, Minnesota.


It hasn’t been tested, but I believe I can eat ice cream faster than anyone on the planet. I also love being outside on my bike. Winter mountain biking at Elm Creek’s single-track course, road racing as fast as my legs can go, or out for a bike ride to the beach with my family, biking in Minnesota is beautiful!


Apart from working with Salesforce? The people are fantastic! I’ve never worked at a nonprofit, so maybe this is simply a nonprofit thing, but it’s really cool to talk to people who choose to go to work to make a difference in others’ lives. I’m a late bloomer when it comes to putting others needs before my own, so it’s really neat to see so many people that have been working in public health or for the betterment of humanity for years and years. It makes me happy to be around so many caring people in one place.


Wellshare’s Community Health Worker model is a great strategy for change. Hopefully, it will be able to spread Wellshare’s message further across our region, as well as in Africa.

I hope that many others come to find out about Wellshare’s compassion and realize that this is an organization they can trust to preserve their culture and traditions while providing support and training to improve their health and the health of their communities.

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