Inspired to Lead: Asha’s Story

Asha is a Community Health Worker (CHW), a leader and role model in WellShare’s The Young Achievers (TYA) after school program. TYA offers a safe and supportive environment, empowering teens to build academic success, leadership and public speaking skills, and acquire health knowledge. It all started when Asha was in the program as a high school freshman, and it changed her life.

Her mentor was a role model and like a big sister, telling Asha about her own journey, taking her on visits to colleges, discussing career paths and encouraging her to enroll in college. “We could see that people just like us were able to do it and it made us feel like we could do it as well.” Her mentor still provides Asha with support, such as proofreading her personal statement for her graduate school application. Asha has since graduated with a Master’s in Public Health as a first generation college student.

Having built lasting relationships and interest in community engagement and advocacy through WellShare’s TYA, she seeks to encourage and guide the next generation of students. Asha’s experience motivated her to give back to the young people in her community. She’d love to see the program expanded beyond East African communities to more immigrant groups. TYA has inspired and empowered hundreds of youth to succeed just like Asha.



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