It’s simple — our guiding values mirror our commitment to developing sustainable community-based programs that improve the health of women and children around the world. They are our compass, the whats, whys, and hows of our operations.

 While these values are critical to the way we carry out our mission, they continue to evolve as we learn new things about the strength of our organization and those we serve.



WellShare believes that all of its programs must be accountable, transparent, ethical and implemented with honesty and respect.

Cultural Engagement

WellShare leverages the strength of our diverse, front-line community health workers by providing culturally competent health education and care through home visits and adapted health messages.


WellShare values expanded access to health care using proven, cost-effective, low-tech strategies that bring lifesaving services and education to those in greatest need.


WellShare builds the capacity of communities to identify and address their health needs so members continue to thrive well into the future.


WellShare staff listen to the challenges and aspirations of community members and respond to emerging health needs in a timely manner.



Develop and execute programs with significant health impact for people in diverse communities.


Strengthen strategic community partnerships to create healthier communities.

Operational Excellence

Ensure that human and material resources achieve the greatest impact.