Diary of An Anxious Black Woman Entry #5: It’s Never too Late to ask For Help

In the last entry, I explained the struggles I went through in college and how they pushed me to find help. As someone with unchecked anxiety, When you finally do recognize the issue, life starts to make a little more sense. I knew the next step was to find active help. For me, that meant some form of counseling. It wasn€™t as easy as knowing what I needed and immediately finding it. I only had one condition in finding help. I wanted my therapist to be a person of color so they would be able to understand the struggles I faced a bit better. This soon felt like it was too much to ask. I would find a provider and they wouldn€™t be affordable or I couldn€™t get in for an appointment. When I finally found the help, it felt long overdue and a bit more expensive than I would€™ve liked. So others don€™t have to struggle like I did, I am here to offer my insights

These steps will help those who have struggled in similar ways as me with finding help and resources that are accessible and affordable:

If you have insurance, start there and look for providers that accept you and have credentials that you prefer.
If you don€™t have insurance there are programs that will help
if you are a student:
Let€™s Talk by the University of Minnesota is a group therapy session, tailored to marginalized and underrepresented students. This option offers affordable and accessible help that will also promote a community effort and conversations surrounding mental health.
If you are an immigrant:
Learning to Breathe is a program that is derived from ADAPT, a University of Minnesota program offered to RIM communities to strengthen their families and work through the traumas associated with being a refugee, immigrant, and/or migrant.
The National Alliance on Mental Illness hotline is an easily accessible resource that offers sympathy and support as well as provides information about resources in your community.

Whether you are insured or uninsured, student or immigrant, your mental health matters. It is important to follow the path that will help you the most. The first step in finding this path is to be informed of the resources available to you. It could save your life.

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