Board Member

Position: Board Member
Term: Three years (eligible for a second 3-year term)
Reports To: President, Board of Directors

Specific Responsibilities Include:

  • Attend all board and committee meetings including quarterly board meetings and
    special events
  • Review board agenda and materials prior to board meetings
  • Follow conflict-of-interest and confidentiality policies (such as not sharing
    confidential organizational information with others who work for competing
    organizations or who may use this information to apply for funding)
  • Serve on a minimum of one WellShare Board Committee (Executive, Finance,
    Development, Board Nominations or Ad-Hoc International Committee)
    Maintain up-to-date knowledge of the organization and have a strong personal
    commitment to its mission
  • Work collaboratively with WellShare Board President, Executive Director, and other
    board members to fulfill the mission of WellShare International
  • Promote the organization externally with the larger community by serving as an
    ambassador for WellShare International
  • Assist the Executive Director and Board President with networking contacts and
  • Suggest potential new Board members as needed who can make a significant
    contribution to the Board
  • Participate in strategic planning every 3 years and review strategic plan annually
  • Review and approve executive director’s performance and salary annually
  • Ensure there is always a succession plan in place for the executive director
  • Review the performance of the board on an annual basis
  • Review organizational finances on a quarterly basis and the independent audit on an
    annual basis
  • Approve major policies and procedures
  • Assist WellShare International to reach its fundraising goals by contributing
    financially on a yearly basis (with the understanding that WellShare will be one of
    their top charitable giving contributions)
  • If WellShare holds an annual luncheon or other fundraising event, actively
    participate by serving as a Table Captain and filling up a full table


Ability to: listen deeply, think creatively, and work well with executive director, board officers,
and other board members
Willingness to: ask clarifying and strategic questions, attend all board meetings and special
events (as much as possible), actively participate in a board committee, prepare for board
meetings in advance, learn about fundraising and stay up-to-date on WellShare program areas
and related topics (such as CHWs, health equity, health disparities), help secure financial
resources including contributing time and personal funds to the organization, evaluate board
and executive director on an annual basis and other tasks as needed
Possess: honesty, integrity, a genuine desire to assist refugee, immigrant, and other
vulnerable populations, sensitivity and tolerance of differing viewpoints, and concern about
WellShare International’s success


Inquiries may be directed to Mahlet Dalu:


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