A Successful Conclusion to the Summer 2019 Chronic Disease Self-Management Program

WellShare International extends sincere congratulations to the participants who recently completed the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program (CDSMP), a six-week series of classes partnered with Smiley’s Family Medicine Clinic. Participants were required to attend four out of the program’s six 2-hour classes in order to obtain a certificate of completion. Wednesday, July 24th marked the conclusion of this year’s program. 

The CDSMP classes, conducted by WellShare International Program Coordinators Mailee Nguyen and Abdirahman Mahamud, provided participants with useful instruction on how to effectively manage and treat chronic disease. Designed by Stanford University, the CDSMP is an evidence-based course that the instructors used and translated in Somali. The program focused on a range of topics, including but not limited to nutrition, physical activity, medication usage, understanding mental illness, doctor-patient relationships, and evaluation of current lifestyle choices. In addition to instruction, active participation was encouraged so that the participants could both share and hear common questions and concerns regarding chronic diseases. Using the information taught in class alongside collaboration with the instructors, the participants worked to create action plans for health management in the future. 

As the six-week program came to a successful conclusion, participants reflected on the valuable information taught by Nguyen and Mahamud. Attendees comments on the content taught included, “We learned a lot through this class about the things that influence health”, “I learned how to manage diabetes by controlling levels of blood sugar”, and “Socializing and exercising with others can be a very good habit”. Participants on the final day unanimously agreed that they will share the information they learned in class with family and friends, encouraging the spread of knowledge on chronic disease. 

A warm congratulations again to the participants who completed the Chronic Disease Self-Management Program, we applaud your determination, commitment, and willingness to learn. 

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