A Community Health Worker’s Impact: Fadhiya’s Story

Fadhiya is a mother of four children between the ages of 7 and 18 years. She and her family immigrated to Minnesota from their home in Egypt last year. Recently, her youngest son, Ahmed, was feeling unwell. They took him to the Emergency Room, where he was diagnosed with acute laryngitis. Being new here, Fadhiya was unfamiliar with the healthcare system. She was unaware of the other clinics and services that exist and the differences between using an urgent care clinic, a primary care physician, and the emergency room. Fortunately, one of WellShare’s Community Health Workers (CHWs), Mailee, was able to help her out.

After a quick phone call with Fadhiya—and the help of a translator—Mailee was able to set up a time to visit Fadhiya at her home. When Mailee showed up, Fadhiya welcomed her in, but cautious and unsure of what the visit would bring her, she didn’t say much. After hearing Mailee talk for a while about using the health system, Fadhiya began to open up and ask other questions about her health insurance, getting access to dental services, and how to stay healthy. In the short time speaking with a CHW, Fadhiya gained the confidence to ask all of her health-related questions and receive the necessary support to book a dentist appointment, learn about and schedule a mammogram for herself, and colonoscopy for her husband, and how to contact her insurance provider. This small interaction between Fadhiya and a WellShare CHW was enough to equip her with the tools to manage her health and the health of her family.


*names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals


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